Income Idea: How This Lagos Single Dad Makes An Unbelievable N300,000 on the Internet, selling other people's digital products using an absolutely "confidential" blueprint

by Segun J
Lekki | Aug 24, 2022

This is the Most Important Money Making Article You'll Ever Read, TODAY.

I was finally privileged to have an interview with this guy to see how he does this in Lagos Nigeria, despite the dangerous economic situation in the country, and how he has helped many other Nigerians earn extra income online in the past 2 years!

After lots of DM’s and begging, I was able to secure this interview with Mr. Segun (Not his real name) 

He is a secretive guy and keeps to himself due to the Nigerian security factor, but he has shown and helped hundreds of Nigerians earn extra income online all by selling high quality digital products he did not create by himself…

According to him …"I do not have to worry about creating the products, or renting an expensive office… all I simply do is connect hungry buyers to interested sellers, and I get paid”

During this interview, he shared his secret process.  

He wanted to hold back but I begged him on your behalf. 

If you read till the end of this conversation, you’ll: 

  • DISCOVER a business model that guarantees you print money on demand from the Internet LEGITIMATELY in Nigeria even in this harsh economy.

  • BECOME your own CBN and say goodbye to sapa forever.

I as the interviewer have been able to put this process to work and am fast on my way to earning 6 figures online.

Hello Mr. Segun… Thanks for doing this interview. You’ve really been a blessing to hundreds of Nigerians. I do not take this privilege lightly.

So Mr. Segun, Tell us about yourself I am Segun, and I am an IT professional. 

Around 2019, I made a series of moves that crashed my business. I used to be into Ecommerce and then Zuckerberg on Facebook began to hit all my ad accounts and so my business dried up overnight.

Then I didn't have a job as I had resigned my cushy IT job to follow the dream of working online (abeg no follow me o), so I had nothing to fall back on.

Men, sapa hit me o.

I lost everything, developed high blood pressure and could not meet up with my financial responsibilities. My marriage crashed unfortunately.

I contemplated suicide many times and felt that village people were chasing me.

In this picture you see, I just dey form fake smile motivate myself...things were HARD!

Then one day I stumbled across a video by a mentor of mine where he explained how to start this online business that has helped me

I lost everything, developed high blood pressure and could not meet up with my financial responsibilities. My marriage crashed unfortunately.

I contemplated suicide many times and felt that village people were chasing me.

Then one day I stumbled across a video by a mentor of mine where he explained how to start this online business that has helped me and so many others.

I was skeptical but I was broke and so I decided to take action.

I cannot forget when I got my first alert…it was like magic.

It was almost like I developed wings I could fly. At that moment, I felt like slapping a police officer, you know the feeling of being untouchable.

Since then I've NEVER looked back.

I was able to make extra income, and rise out of poverty, and handle all my responsibilities as a man, and travel a bit too!

Lovely Testimonial sir, but why are you so passionate about people making extra income?

Looking at this current economy and what happened during COVID-19 and the lockdown, you do not need a prophet to tell you that you need an extra source of income, and the best source is an online business.

During the lockdown, and in this current economy, many jobs, and businesses have been shut down.

In fact businesses which required physical presences were shut down also.

Some companies and jobs even reduced salaries of their workers by 50%

The only businesses that did not shut down, and in fact increased in revenue were online-based businesses.

Also in Nigeria today, one single government policy can wipe out you and your traditional business overnight, so it's wise to always have a plan B.

What's so special about this online business model?

Well a lot of Nigerians have done over 5-6 figures online using this model.

It has low start up costs, and you do not have to rent an office. 

All you need is an internet connection, and a smartphone and a laptop and you’re good to go.

Warning: If you are lazy and are looking for where to put 10k inside to get 50k, please stop reading this interview as this is not for you.

So Mr. Segun, tell us more about this online business model that pays 5-6 figures constantly.

Alright bro, I am ready to spill more.

But first, let me share proofs from others who have gotten some results with this business.

The name of this online business model is affiliate marketing.

Before we start, I know that Nigerians have abused it and some people have been writing negative stuff on social media.

So before I begin to speak further, you need to keep your mind open, else nothing I say will make sense.

So what is this affiliate marketing about?

Its very simple.

According to, Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

Let’s look at this example.

Person A has a problem they need solved desperately. E.g. They want to travel to Canada.

You select a hot digital product that solves that problem (E.g an eBook that teaches Nigerians how to migrate to Canada without stress), and also offers you a nice commission.

You recommend the product to Person A.

Person A purchases the product, and you get a commission.

That's how affiliate marketing works.  

There is no magic.

Also affiliate marketing, made the richest guy in the world in 2017 (Jeff Bezos) rich, as he does not own the products on Amazon, but for every sale made, Amazon gets a commission!

In fact, according to the International Research Journal of Engineering Sciences, Affiliate marketing is a global industry valued at $12 billion, as of 2019!

Amazing! So, how do you get those hot digital products?

Well there are affiliate marketplaces which list products and their corresponding commission that you can market as an affiliate.

All you need to do is register with them, select the product you want to promote, grab your affiliate link and then start work.

Examples of some of those marketplaces are

  1. Clickbank
  2. JVzoo

But those ones are for the foreign market and Nigeria has been blacklisted by many of them.

However, there is a high performing affiliate marketplace in Nigeria.

This platform is called Expertnaire.

According to the founder, Toyin Omotoso, "Expertnaire is an online digital marketplace where creators of digital products (books, tutorials, courses etc.) can get more sales for their products via the help of affiliates.

So, what this means is that on Expertnaire, there are creators (also known as vendors) - These are people who own digital products & are looking for sales. Then we have affiliates who are willing to help the vendors get sales and they (the affiliates) get a commission per sale.

The Expertnaire platform bridges the gap between these two parties. Expertnaire makes it easy for an affiliate to have access to various products from different merchants. The Expertnaire platform takes care of the sales tracking and reporting so that no party is cheated.

Expertnaire also takes care of customer support, product delivery and other little issues that might come up.

The cost to join is around N10,000 a year, after which you have access to their product marketplace, and then you can pick any digital product you want from their marketplace and promote to your audience.

Most expertnaire products give commissions of 30%-80%

You can start with your WhatsApp list or initial list of contacts, and then grow into the advanced stuff which is revealed in a video I will soon share with you.

The video I’d share with you will show you how to get a one year free expertnaire account so you need to make sure you pay attention.

What affiliate marketing is not?

  1. Affiliate marketing is not a ponzi

  2. It's not all of those shady “investment” schemes where they tell you to put 20,000 to get 100,000

  3. It’s not MMM

  4. And its not Network Marketing (which is also legit but different)

So how does one start affiliate marketing?

You can start in two ways

  • Without training (The way of frustration)

  • With Training.  (The fast track and how I started)

Please Mr Segun, tell us about the training.

Its an online video coaching program created by the founder of expertnaire and my mentor, Mr. Toyin Omotoso.

Its called the 72 hour WhatsApp Income Generator program. Also known as 72IG.

You will learn how to make money online using a special WhatsApp technique.

This WhatsApp technique has helped youth corpers, 9-5 workers, and people from all walks of life to earn their first online income.

This is what you’d get when you enroll in this program.

1.  The WhatsApp Sales Script and dialogue.

Type and send this sentence in the sales script to your potential buyers on WhatsApp and they will gladly open their wallets and purchase your products.

2. The WhatsApp content template and sales calendar

Use the secret marketing templates contained in this content template and calendar to convert cold audience to buyers.

You also get special bonuses such as:

a. 72IG implementation program version 2.0 - teaches you how to sell online using email marketing and PPC traffic. In short, this is how the big boys do it. This program will sharpen your selling skills and turn you into a professional digital marketer Value N800,000

b You can start making money almost immediately with a done-for-you instant campaign for 3 hot selling Expertnaire products – Toyin and his team came up with the done-for-you instant campaign for 3 hot selling Expertnaire products, so all you have to do is plug it in and start earning money right away. Value N750, 000

c. The Expertnaire affiliate platform will also be available to you for free for a period of one year. You will be receiving this account for free, which normally costs 10k per year.

d. The Twitter Money Blueprint will show you how to generate massive free organic traffic for your WhatsApp list. N25,000 in value

Additionally, you can adapt and use WhatsApp content campaigns and sales scripts in the program.

Also, there are weekly zoom calls for those who enroll in this 72IG program, so you can become a super affiliate.

You can enroll in this coaching program with as little as N62,500 and you can get started!

But that’s not all!

I am offering a N10,000 discount for anyone who wants to enroll in this coaching program as my way of helping you on your journey to financial freedom.

To get started, click the button below, and watch the video’s and testimonials, and then click the orange button to complete enrollment in the program.

See you on the other side!

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that Toyin Omotoso explains in the video training.

Just wait until you see the various testimonies from Toyin's students in the video.

It is now your decision to make.

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