Affiliate Portal For MLM Instant Recruiting Formula

Welcome to the Affiliate Portal for MLM Instant Recruiting Formula!

Here, you will find a lot of materials to promote MLM Instant Recruiting Formula and make a lot of money doing so.

Go through these materials and use them to create funnels on WhatsApp, email and social media, and I am sure you’d kill it!

To your success!

Mr. Adewale Adebusoye

Course Creator

MLM Instant Recruiting Formula

Promo Videos/Lead Magnets

Here you will find videos for promoting MLM Instant Recruiting Formula.

You can use this video for now as a lead magnet.  Both Network Marketers and Non Networkers can use this in promoting. 

Promo Graphics

In this section, you’ll find 20 high-quality graphics you can use for social media ads, WhatsApp status updates, etc.

Email Messages For Promotion.

Find on the link below 12 expertly written emails to convert your prospects to customers in no time. Use email follow ups on WhatsApp groups, Broadcast lists, email broadcasts, etc.

Affiliate Contest for MLM Instant Recruiting Formula

Join my affiliate contest and win lots of mouth-watering cash prizes.

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