3 Little-Known Ways You Can Recruit Almost Anyone Into Your Network Marketing Company...

...Even If You Are Shy, Have No Contacts And HATE Talking To People

 In less than 5 minutes you will learn the REAL TRUTH about how the top earners in Network Marketing recruit people into their business, and how you can do the same, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHICH MLM COMPANY YOU JOIN!

Adewale is known as the #1 MLM blogger in Nigeria and has been listed in the top MLM blogs worldwide, along with heavyweights like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, and Chuck Holmes.

He is also an MLM coach, teaching strategies to help Network Marketers get better results from their network Marketing business. 

Dear Network Marketer

Are you struggling to recruit people into your network marketing business, like 90% of Network Marketers in Nigeria?  

Do you constantly invite people to your Network Marketing seminars and they never show up, despite their promises? 

Have you spoken to all your family members and friends, yet no one signed up?

Have you ran out of people to talk to about your  business opportunity?

If you answered YES then this will be the most important message you’ll read this year.

Here is why…

And pay close attention.

You joined that new network marketing company that your friend has been disturbing you about.  

You went to the seminar and you were excited!  

You have paid the registration fees.

You’ve gotten your kit.  

But now you’re coming back to reality.  

You possibly doubt your decision to join and pay that money so quickly.  

You’re wondering how you can start getting people to join under you so you can make all this money you have been promised fast.  

You want success and you want it now.


Not tomorrow.  

You know you must perform or fail.  

Before you do anything else. . .


So you speak to your leader or your upline, and he or she tells you to…  

These are not bad methods in themselves.  

I know top MLM leaders in Nigeria who have build million naira businesses using these methods. 

The problem is that if you do not carry out these actions in a “certain way”

You'll Fail!

It’s that simple and I am going to prove that to you right now…

Have you ever invited someone to your network marketing seminar or told them about your super-duper product or service?  

Only for them to tell you “no I am not interested”.

Then a couple of weeks later, you go to your network marketing seminar, and you see that same “friend” of yours there, about to signup with someone else!  

That’s right, the same person you invited, and they said they weren’t interested!

And when you asked them, they gave you a silly smile and mumbled one excuse?  

It’s a very bad feeling, right?  

If that happened, it’s probably because you did not prospect or invite them in a ”certain way”  

And they probably didn’t see you as a leader, or someone they could work with.  

It can be very frustrating, isn’t it?

Now you might be asking…

What is this “certain way”?

I am about to tell you.

You see, there are three major qualities of top recruiters you must possess if you want to become a top recruiter and earn those big commissions in your Network Marketing Business.

Here Are The Three Major Qualities You Must Possess To Become A Top Recruiter

1. Power Mindset

Every top recruiter in Network Marketing has an unstoppable mindset.  

They believe 100% in themselves and in their Network Marketing Opportunity.  

They do not care if you join them in their business or not.  

This quality actually makes them more attractive to people, unlike most Nigerian network marketers who go around begging every one including Iya Risikat to join their business!  

I have been in this position many times where I have personally disqualified people from joining my team because I felt they weren’t the right fit.  

I can show you how to have this power mindset.

Keep reading…

2. Smart Prospecting

Top recruiters inside of Network Marketing know where to find the best people to talk to about their business!  

When they find them, they know the right ways to engage the prospect, and make them hungry for what they have to offer.  

This can be online using Facebook and social media, or offline by attending seminars and business networking meetings.  

Most Nigerian network marketers just copy and paste their company compensation plan and begin to dump it in peoples inboxes on Facebook, hoping and praying that someone will bite.

What do you do when you are on Facebook and someone sends you a spam message?  

That’s right, you ignore, or you mark as spam and block the person.

Don’t be that person.  

Another thing Nigerian network marketers do is go to public places and begin handing out opportunity fliers.  

Or they go to places like ShopRite and begin harassing innocent people who just want to have fun and watch the latest movies.  

I am not saying this does not work, but most times, people will wave you off once they see you coming. 

I was at Anthony bus stop in Lagos, and I saw this young man, standing in the sun, handing out flyers for his MLM business.

He was shabbily dressed with a huge backpack and he was sweating under the Lagos sun.  

You could see this guy was suffering.  

Can you relate to this?  

Or maybe you are currently doing this right now?  

How long do you want to keep suffering?  

The Top Network Marketers do not do that!  

They know how to position themselves and attract the right people to them!  

Even if they go outside to talk to people, they do it in a ”certain way” and command a silent power that compels prospects to stop and listen to them!  

Even if you hand out fliers, some interested people will go to your seminar and sign up with a top leader in your company behind you despite the fact you’ve been standing under the sun handing out flyers basically because they don’t want to stand under the bridge and suffer!

They just want to make money!

3. Professional Invitation

Top Network Marketers understand how to skillfully invite people to come and see their business opportunity presentation.  

When I mastered this skill, I began to recruit people into my downline and also started making money.  

Most Network Marketers in Nigeria make a very deadly mistake when they try to invite people to come for their Network Marketing seminars.  

They say too much to too few people!  

They spend too much time downloading and vomiting the entire company compensation plan, to every Morufu, Jelili, and Emeka that comes their way.  

If you do this, you will be GUARANTEED to fail.  

You will be burnt out physically and emotionally and they will not join you!

So What Do You Do?

You need to learn how to say less to more people! (Read this again) 

Top earners inside of Network Marketing know how to say just enough to get the prospects interest, and get them to beg for a presentation.  

They do not waste time talking to unqualified prospects;  

In fact, they dismiss them, as if they were disqualifying people from a job interview.  

Most of the people they invite for their network marketing seminars, show up, and even thank them for the invitation, and sign up immediately!  

I know this because I’ve been in that position many times!

It is possible, BUT….  

You need to learn how to skillfully apply and combine the 3 qualities I shared with you.  

You need to apply these principles in a ”certain way”.  

If you just read this article and go out and say the wrong thing to people, they will run away from you and not join you.  

If you are tired of struggling with recruiting and you would like to learn about this ”certain way of applying what I have shared with you.  

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